Year: 2007
Client: Canadian Film Centre Media Lab residents

This Drupal 5 site is a wiki++ CMS for my group's project development at the CFC Media Lab. It uses Mediawiki syntax with image and views integration for wiki posts.

As a multi-user blogging platform, and photo gallery it helped us ideate, document, and share files during a very involved prototyping process. The calendar allowed us to keep track of events and meetings.

The site isn't designed to be fancy, just useful. It uses a modified version of the Garland theme. A lot of the blocks are canned, like menus and log-in block, but there is a bit of complexity in the views listings and the integration between content types.

click on the thumbnails below for a more detailed view:

wiki homepage listing tab for all site content photo galleries photo gallery index page ligthboxed photo in photo gallery