Year: 2003
Client: Design in 3 Dimensions
Role: Graphics design and production

The London Regional Children’s Museum, in London, Ontario asked for some help in redesigning some of their Science Gallery exhibits during 2003.

Because the target age group for these exhibits were 6-9 years old, Design in 3 Dimensions added in literacy components, as well as pictures and other items to play with.

Children created crazy soups from syllables of vegetable names in "Name that Soup!," while adding illustrations to a word-based exhibit about the variety of items made from corn in "A Corny Story". "The Living River" is an exhibit about the nearby Thames and its ecosystem, where children create pictures from texture rubbings of flora and fauna, with explanations of the images above the interactive area.

The Canada Food Guide presents basic nutritional guidelines, and children have the opportunity to create a healthy meal from spinning word and image rings at the "Meal Wheel."

click on the thumbnails below for a more detailed view:

Meal Whee Name that Soup! A Corny Story